Business Development – Phoenix Italia Consulting offers its services to companies in the life sciences market, with a specific focus to the Startup/Spin off “world”. Starting from the the evaluation of the assets and the business plan development, the team is supporting the Customer from the fundraising and strategic alliances development, to the commercial operation optimization.

Licensing In/Out – The team operates in the licensing IN/OUT activities as a member of the PLG (Pharma Licensing Group) EU Association with a special focus on innovative products (pharma, medical devices, biotechnologies). Phoenix Italia Consulting operates in the domestic and/or worldwide markets.

Sales – The team offers a solid experience of sales development in the worldwide market. The project starts from the evaluation of the Customer’s portfolio and ongoing activities; the objective is to develop the sales plans and to assist the Company in its implementation.

Marketing – Phoenix Italia Consulting offers its services to Customers for strategic and/or operative marketing projects; the team can help at every stage of the project itself, from defining the marketing strategy to the marketing plan development.